Monday, April 21, 2008

When it rains....

Yeah, so that saying? So true...

Saturday was Chili Fest - went well, would have been EVEN better had we had more volunteers. And yet, the people who hadn't done a thing to help? Full of TONS of complaints and suggestions. Er, yeah - shaddup unless you're willing to DO the thing you suggested to better the event, mmmkay?

But then it happened.

Sunday morning, we spent about 4 and a half hours at the ER. My poor hubby has a kidney stone. He was in so much pain, and we finally decided it couldn't be a strained back - not with it hurting around front. Yeah, we're brilliant individuals, no?

He "thinks" he's passed it now. Gotta love that. How does one know? I mean, at least with labor and delivery, there's a screaming person there to prove you did something. But he has no trophy, no thing he can hold up and say, see that? *I* did that.

I did have to talk him into taking Vicodin. Which I cannot for the life of me figure out. I'm not a drug person, I don't like aspirin let alone getting high. But use the pain meds you're given when you're in severe pain! I've had a kidney stone, I've passed a fragment - and I'll say this: I would give birth to my 65 pound 4 year old right here, right now, instead of go through a kidney stone again. SERIOUSLY. It's that bad.

He did a lot better once he took the meds - uh, duh. Pain makes you stress out. Stressing out means clenched muscles. Clenched muscles mean the stone can't get through. Logical, yes?

I do have to say this - he is SUCH a good husband. He waited until Chili Fest was over to have his episode. Gotta love a dedicated husband and father!


KathyLikesPink said...

Oy! My brother-in-law went through that last summer. Went on for many days. I truly think he was praying for death towards the end.

Here's hoping your hubs is back on his feet and feeling fine ASAP.

Dea said...

Thanks!!! It's worse than childbirth....worse than surgery....seriously! :O

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