Sunday, August 17, 2008

But You Can Call Me....

I was thinking about nicknames, and the sorts of things people like to be called, or call each other. I was at a party last night, and one of our friends just had a baby girl. We all got to talking about what they call her. Her first name is Alexandria. And they call her Alex, Allie, and Al. And I laughed, because my younger son is Alexander, and we call him Alex, Allie, and Al.

But we also have a whole host of other things we call him. Like Lections - this is an older one, it's from when he was about 6 mos old. He was born in 2004, so we were calling him Alex-tions, like elections. And it became Lections for short. Then there's Loo. I call him Loo a LOT. And that was born from "Little Allie Loo Loo" and a song I made up that goes, "Loo loo loo I want some apples, loo loo loo Al wants some too, loo loo loo he is my Alex, Allie lee lee loooooo!"

Yes, I'm crazy. I know this.

He's also called Leggador. He had the CHUBBIEST legs as a baby - you could just squeeze them! He's also Eagle, but then, that's from his spirit totem.

Then there's our older son, Joseph. It's no wonder this kid tells everyone at school, "My name is Joseph, but you can call me Joseph." He's a riot. But I'm sure his desire to be called his REAL name stems from the multitude of weird things he's got as nicknames.

Obviously, there's the usual - Joe, Joey. But we called him JoJoe for a long time - still do. It fit him when he was tiny. We'd also say JoJoe with a strange accent, almost French - like, dragging out and roughening the J sound. Did I mention we're crazy?? He's also been called LoLoe, PoPoe, DoDoe - the list could go on for a while with that.

The strangest one he has is Tumper. This was my husband's work. He was calling him JoJoe Jumper boy....and somehow this melded and became Tumper. Tumper was also sometimes morphed into Tump-a-Toley. He's Bear, as well, for his spirit totem.

And I'm sure we have many, many more names that we call the kids that we're not even aware of calling them. And I'm sure that there will be many more in their future.

So what are some of the weirder ones your kids have?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Like Manna From Heaven

They're delicious. They aren't messy. And they'll give you the kind of energy needed to do an hour of Spin and still be hyper!!!


Caramel Apple Sugar Babies. I found them at the grocery, bought a few boxes, and shared with the instructor, who promptly fed them to a few of us in class.

I felt like a toddler who'd had 5 espressos. I am sure I drove most of the class insane, and most likely the teacher as well. Doh! But wow. They work better than Amp, or Red Bull, or any of those hideous-tasting things.

My recommendation? Have a few at home, at work, in the car - for those moments you just need to add a little pep. Though, forewarned - it'll be a little more than a little pep.

Oh, and uh - beware the appley burps. Reminded me of Apple Pucker shots...

So yeah - try these, they're very very yummy.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Awesome Giveaway!

Bargain Bri, a really good friend of mine who blogs about bargain shopping and getting the best deals possible, is having a giveaway! She's giving away Jessica Seinfeld's book, Deceptively Delicious! YAY BRI!!! So click here to check out her blog - and her contest!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

If You Think He's Sexy, Come On Sugar Let Me Know!

Last night at Spin, people were discussing Rod Stewart. And they were talking about how hot he still is. And I got just plain old squicked out. I told them all that I needed a shower just listening.

So then the instructor brought up Wolf from American Gladiators.

I'd never seen him, so I decided to search him out online. Uh, yeah - squickable as well.

I can't figure out women. How in the world are these men considered sexy? Let's discuss - lay it on me. Is it just me who is wondering why why why??? And - which one is less (more?) sexy??

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