Monday, April 7, 2008

I Got Tagged, so Here it IS!!

My lovely friend Melisa (you know, the kickass spin instructor!) tagged me on her blog (and I am too new to know how to hyperlink, so please forgive!). So here it's about my hubby!

How long have you been together? We had our first date August 11, 1998 - so this year it will be 10 years! Yipes, a decade!

How long did you date? 3 months, got engaged on Friday the 13th, Nov 1998. Yeah, we're that type of couple! LOL!

How old is he? 37 - 7 years older than me!!

Who said ‘I love you’ first? I have no idea. I know we pretty much knew at that first date that this was it....

Who is taller? He is by (according to him) an inch and a quarter. He's 6'1" and (once again, according to him) I'm 5'11.75"

Who is smarter? He normally scored about 2 points higher than I do on IQ tests - but we're both smarties, always were good in school. We're both math people, too, so our kids are annoyingly math-oriented.

Who does the laundry? ME - he is SO not allowed near my clothing, he put an underwire Wacoal bra in the DRYER the first week I lived with him!

Who does the dishes? Me, mostly, but he'll help once in a while. But I am the stay-at-home parents, so you know, it's sort of my job. LOL!

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Uh, right when you're laying face up or face down?

Who pays the bills? We take turns writing out the checks/calling the utility company

Who mows the lawn? We both do it together, most of the time. Two tiny push mowers for about an acre, with about 52 trees? Yeah, we need to do it together or it would take HOURS...

Who cooks dinner? Both of us - but - don't tell him I said this - he's the better, more inventive cook. I do better comfort food and baking....

Who is more stubborn? Him, for sure. Which is saying a lot, because I'm hard headed!

Who kissed who first? He leaned in first.....

Who asked who out? He asked me to dinner during our one 3 hour long phone convo...

Who proposed? Well, technically, he never REALLY asked the question, "Will you marry me?" and I never actually said "Yes."

Who is more sensitive?
If you mean sensitive as in, get upset and hurt by little jokes and annoyances, uh - that would be me.

Thanks Melisa! :D


KathyLikesPink said...

You sound very well suited! Thanks for sharing!

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