Monday, April 28, 2008

And Then It Hits You

People always talk about the moment they realized that their life isn't half so bad. After months, years, whatever, of complaining and feeling dumped on by fate - they have this crystallizing moment where they realize that it could be worse. Or that there is so much more they could do to enjoy what they do have.

I had that moment Friday night. For the last 2 months, I've been bemoaning the fact that my neck is permanently screwed up, that I have osteo-arthritis at my tender age, etc. Sure, my remaining kidney is perfectly healthy, unlike it's naughty dead twin who left us 2 years ago. My heart is good. My health is fairly decent, and despite 7 surgeries, I enjoy relative good health. So what if I have joint issues? At least I can head to the chiropractor.

Because I found out that a beloved instructor at my karate school is ill. He's only 24 years old, and he has Crohn's. His lifelong dream was to teach karate, and he was able to be doing just that. Except that now, his traitorous body has no energy, and he has to step down. I'm beside myself worrying about him, and so very sad for his loss of his life's love. I can only hope that treatment can be found for him to be able to strike the balance and find the energy to at least train in the martial arts and progress to higher black belt levels. Because he is an amazing martial artist. And he damn well deserves to be able to do what he loves.

So no more bitching about how unfair it is that I have what I have. I refuse to allow myself to give in to this joint crap anymore. This week, I feel a sense of renewed purpose - and I feel that at least I have a chiropractor interested in helping me rehabilitate myself, and get to the point where I CAN do what I want physically.

I was wavering about whether or not to keep going in martial arts, trying for my black belt. Mainly, this was due to the fact that the test is 6 hours long. With a LOT of physical demands. And many things that would hurt like hell now. But my chiro said that with work, I could be able to do it without having numb hands, or swollen knees.

And now, I WILL do it. Period. It's not an option, not after this weekend.


KathyLikesPink said...

Wow good for you. And how sad about your instructor. That is SO young to have such serious health problems.

Now that 50 is within sight, I am plagued with the arthritis that runs in our family. Seems like every week a new joint aches. I'm beginning to understand why folks retire to Arizona or Florida.

JustJeanie said...

Babycakes... I LOVE YOU and soooo totally admire you!!!!!!!

Dea said...

I'm rethinking with the workouts they've been torturing - er.....having us do lately.....oy!

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