Monday, November 17, 2008

Tell it From the Mountain

My scale weight has see-sawed a bit - back and forth, back and forth. But I shocked myself today. I grabbed a belt because I had determined that my jeans had stretched out. See, we women are, of course, completely insane. We convince ourselves that just because the scale either hasn't moved, or hasn't moved enough - we haven't lost a single ounce of fat. Nah, all that time on the Spin bike - not doing a thing. Wii Fit? No tone, nada. My jeans falling off as I walk? Yeah - that's because they're stretched out. I bought them September 24 (for my anniversary, which is why I know the exact date, ha!). So just under 2 months....and from washing them, they're somehow stretched out. My mind amazes me sometimes.

Well, yeah - so my "stretched out" jeans needed the aid of a belt this morning - one I haven't worn since about February. As I buckled this puppy, I realized that the mark from where I USED to wear it was not where I was fastening it today. I was fastening it 4 INCHES smaller!!! I've lost 4 inches in my WAIST??? DANG! I couldn't figure it out. I honestly stood there, slack jawed and completely flabergasted. I am sometimes an intelligent person, but somehow when it comes to my body and fitness and weight, I'm a complete idiot. I shouldn't be surprised, since I am 20+ pounds lighter than I was in February. So uh, DUH! You'd think that I'd remember that. I'd forgotten where I was a year ago in my despair at where I thought I was. And all at once, with the help of one small strip of leather, I'm on top of the world. I'm amazingly bubbly and optimistic and thrilled with where I am. I'm accomplished, and I'm in good shape, and I've lost weight - not failed to lose weight.

It's a beautiful thing, this perspective thing. We all should practice it.

I do believe that MAYBE, just maybe - my jeans might.....MIGHT, I say....not have stretched out, and may be too big because I am too small for them.


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