Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What happened to Fall???

I heard the craziest thing on the radio today. There is a station in St. Louis that is ALREADY playing Christmas music 'round the clock. As in, right now. In October. Before Halloween.

Are they out of their minds? I mean, come on! It's not even Halloween! What happened to FALL?? At the stores, we go from Back to School to Christmas! All the mass merchandisers already have trees, ornaments, cards, lights, you name it!

Do we really need 3 straight months of Christmas? I adore Christmas - but AFTER Thanksgiving. I refuse to buy a single thing prior to Thanksgiving.

They've all lost their minds. As if having it for too long will make more money. More likely it will make people so sick of the holiday that they won't buy anything!

I may be a bit biased, because I love Halloween, and by putting all the Christmas stuff up now, it detracts. At KMart, they have 1 aisle of Halloween, but the whole Garden Shop is already all Christmas! I just can't figure it out.

Am I the only one???

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