Thursday, August 14, 2008

Like Manna From Heaven

They're delicious. They aren't messy. And they'll give you the kind of energy needed to do an hour of Spin and still be hyper!!!


Caramel Apple Sugar Babies. I found them at the grocery, bought a few boxes, and shared with the instructor, who promptly fed them to a few of us in class.

I felt like a toddler who'd had 5 espressos. I am sure I drove most of the class insane, and most likely the teacher as well. Doh! But wow. They work better than Amp, or Red Bull, or any of those hideous-tasting things.

My recommendation? Have a few at home, at work, in the car - for those moments you just need to add a little pep. Though, forewarned - it'll be a little more than a little pep.

Oh, and uh - beware the appley burps. Reminded me of Apple Pucker shots...

So yeah - try these, they're very very yummy.


Anonymous said...

Caramel Apple Sugar Babies, I am going to have to try these, I love the regular SB, cute blog!


Melisa said...

I just ate the half of the box that I had left. Feeling a little "zingy" and expect a pretty hard crash in about 40 minutes. My poor family.

I don't have appley burps. I must be immune.

Gotta go...Dominicks is calling. (Are Caramel Apple Sugar Babies still $1.00 each???)

Dea said...

Jenna - thank you!!

Melisa - LOL, I do believe they are....I had some yesterday as a pick-me-up, and they worked! WOOT!!

Miss Julie said...

Alas, I fear I'm too old to eat Sugar Babies, carmel apple not-withstanding. I have crowns on my back teeth now that I'm 42, and those Babies might pull them out and then I could choke and be out a gold crown at the same time. Sad. Sigh.

Dea said...

Don't blame ya on the crown - too expensive for a piece of candy!

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