Thursday, March 27, 2008

Does this skirt go with my bike?

Hi, I'm Deanna, and I'm a Spin addict. Spin, for those who don't know, is basically biking. On a stationary bike with no brakes. And a 45 pound flywheel. So you can't stop. And the seat hurts your rear end so bad until you do it a few weeks that you wind up standing a lot. Oh, and there's music. In a perfect world (or gym) you have a kickass instructor with killer music. I happen to go to a perfect gym! YAY Spin!

I hurt my knee in karate a few weeks back, and my orthopedist wanted me to rest it for 2 weeks. I was somewhat happy to get to slack at karate (I like it, but it's more for my hubby and kids). But not being able to Spin? TORTURE.

So last night my two weeks were up. My knee felt pretty sound, and I was given the clearance to go to Spin as long as I wore my neoprene brace. YAY!

Well, yay until I tried to get dressed to go. None of the workout pants I own that fit me will fit over the brace. And the brace both does not work, and does not feel good, over my workout pants.

I wound up having to break out the - GASP - bike shorts. Yes, yes - I still own bike shorts. How very 1990's of me, yes? The problems with my bike shorts are many. They're a half size too small. They're too short, even when I'm thinner. They're also OLD. Read: they are getting thin in the butt. Uh oh.

I put them on, put on my huge t-shirt, and my brace. I wish I could have gotten a picture. It was spectacularly horrible. Picture, if you will, pasty white long legs, topped by what looks like a big gray beach ball. I looked like a black and white picture of a lollipop.

So I started trying to find something, anything, to wear over these shorts. I'm unfortunately between sizes at the moment, so the pickings were slim.

I settled onto my favorite work out SKIRT. Yes, you read that right - SKIRT. There's background to the skirt - bear with me, please.

I like to participate in Breast Cancer support walks and runs. I've walked the 3-Day twice (yup, 120 miles total!), crewed it once, and walked the Y-Me Mother's Day race last year (and will run it this year). The skirt I found last night is from last year's race. I've worn skirts to these events because I feel bad for the women and men who must walk behind me. I can't wear loose shorts, unfortunately, because my thighs rub together. There, I said it. Lovely picture, right? So I usually wind up wearing tight workout pants, but don't want people behind me to have to stare at my rear encased in stretchy fabric. It's not a sight for the faint of heart, if you get my drift. So I made skirts with pink ribbons and other things on them to wear over the pants/shorts. (The one I made for my last 3-Day has "Hey Cancer, Kiss THIS!" on it, and big ol' pair of lips on my cheek.)

So I put on this skirt with my little pink ribbons and looked in the mirror. It was laughable, but still better, to my way of thinking, than the scary bike shorts.

I got the kids ready, got into the car, all of it, figuring my spin instructor would get a kick out of the skirt, since she has a thing for tiaras! Alas, it was not meant to be! Sadly, as I was getting my younger son out of the car, he sneezed. On me. More specifically, on my WHITE skirt. There was no wiping it off. This skirt needs to be laundered. So I had to take the darn thing off and wear my scary, stretchy, nearly-see-through pants!

I wish I had pictures - but then again, the imagination is far more colorful I'm sure.

I do believe I'll be heading to the store prior to next week's class - or else carrying the skirt until I get the kids into the day care center.


Melisa said...

I have to say that in all honesty I didn't even notice that you were wearing bike shorts because I was concerned about your knee brace! :)

But next week you'll have to model your skirt. I'll tell my husband, since he's coming to class there for the first time, that you dressed up for him.

Your Kickass Instructor

Dea said...

Ooh, I might need to accessorize the skirt for his visit!

Melisa said...

Hey! Slow down there, Missy! LOL

I have a surprise for you at my blog...

Kat said...

Welcome to the blogger community. Can't wait to read more by you. Btw I found you through Melisa's blog :)

Jules said...

Popping in to say hello. My big sister sent me and since I do *everything* she tells me to (hee hee), I thought I'd better get here in a hurry!
House of Jules

KathyLikesPink said...

You know what, I think people are so worried about THEMSELVES and how THEY look they are too busy to pay too much attention to others. Just my opinion.

I envy you being able to spin - I was born with a defective knee, and bikes or stairs are very painful. Makes me feel VERY OLD.

Sue said...

Hey Deanna, Welcome to the blog world. I was a newbie in January! I am definitely still learning, but enjoying the company. Of course, I found you thru your kickass spinning instructor! I'll be back!

Dea said...

Thank you SO much for the big welcome!!! My kickass instructor rocks!!!! :D

Thanks for reading - I'm hoping practice will make me more interesting! LOL!

Michelle said...

Hey there, Dea,
Welcome to the world of blogs (not that I know what I'm doing, but I can fake it!). Love the story of the skirt. I totally get it ... except for the spinning thing that I'm terrified of. A friend of mine is trying to convince me to join her health club and do it with her, but I haven't yet!

Manic Mom said...

Your kickass spin instructor is very bossy and she is also a stalker but she sent me a really really cool tiara I wear to bed every night so I do love her!

Wish you took a picture of the Spin Skirt. I think you could start a new trend!

Melisa said...

Manic: She already knows I'm bossy. That quality works very well when you're teaching a rowdy spin class! :)

Deanna: I'm so glad all these people came to see you! No pressure for future posts! LOL

Dea said...

I will bring my camera and have Melisa take a picture next week....LOL!

My boys are Army Brats said...

Visiting from melissa's blog!

Love your story and I need a good laugh. I'll add you to my frequently visited blogs.

PS.... throw away the nearly worn through spandex when you replace it so you wont be too tempted to wear it again.....or keep it and then you can blog about "the day my spandex quit".

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