Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Volunteer-Yourself-Meme....

So I volunteered for this sorta-meme. No tagging people - just volunteering. So if you want to do it, let me know! :D

Basically, you're randomly assigned a letter, and you come up with 10 things you adore that start with that letter.

I got the letter C. Uh....ok, we'll see where we wind up with that letter!

1. Children - or at least, mine. They're hilarious. They already know how to use sarcasm. They love to tell jokes and laugh and be goofy. They appreciate a good episode of Psych, and will even watch House with us at times. My younger son's favorite song is So What by Pink right now, and my older son's favorite song is Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones. How much cooler could 2 kids ever be??

2. Chocolate - any true piece of chocolate. Strangely enough, I do NOT like chocolate cake, frosting, icing, or fudge. It's just off somehow. But give me a piece of Godiva, or a Hershey's Kiss, and it's BLISS! I can be having a truly horrific day and a nice dark chocolate bar will soothe my savage soul.

3. Crocs - YES, they are hideously ugly. But they're divinely comfortable. And they're cheap, considering they last for well over 2 years. And they never, EVER smell bad. Seriously - I have foot issues. If I wear shoes without socks, it's the death knell for those shoes. But I can wear Crocs without socks on a blisteringly hot day in 90% humidity - and they will not smell. Fabulous. And not only that, but they make my knees happy. Bonus!

4. Computers - Call me a nerd, but my laptop is my lifeline. I make money there, and I ease my insanity there. I can play games, chat with friends, and I can write. Ahh, perfection.

5. Coffee - My day is off if I don't have at least one cup. Two spoons of sugar, and enough half and half to make it that beautiful cafe au lait color. I like trying different types, roasts, and flavors, but I prefer buying whole bean and grinding myself. There's a coffee maker I'm planning on buying my husband for Father's Day that grinds it fresh every time, and with a burr grinder. I can't wait. That, and a subscription to Storyville Coffee would be heavenly.

6. Cardio - I love working out if it's moving fast, with great music. I hate lifting weights. I know I should do it. But I prefer getting my heartrate moving and enjoying the music and the challenge of pushing myself to go faster, better, longer. Weights, not so much.

7. Candles - I love the way they smell, the glow, all of it. I've gotten out of practice of burning them because with kids, it's just been too dangerous. As they get older, I've been able to burn them more. I love the warm feeling I get when I light one after cleaning a room.

8. Cats - there's something about their fuzzy warmth that makes me happy. Our current kitten is a nut. He's too funny. He'll run around chasing his own tail, catch it, freak out, then run away from said tail, not realizing the thing is attached. He'll stop, thinking he's safe, only to relax a touch - and see his tail out of the corner of his eye, and jump in fear. It's so worth the cleaning of the litter box.

9. Chilly weather - not COLD, chilly. Like, in Fall. I love the crisp, 50-56 degrees range. You can walk around with a light jacket or sweater, and enjoy a toasty fire in the house or bonfire outside. It's nice to do yardwork without sweating profusely. It's nice to get chilled and come inside for a cup of tea. And I love cuddling up under a fleecey blanket, or sleeping when it's colder (but not frigid, mind you!).

10. Cheetos - well, hell - look at the title of the blog! Really, this last one could include all bright-orange-cheese-flavored snacks. I love crunchy cheesey snacks. Yummm. Cheetos are fantastic. They go with anything. Delicious. Still wish they were nutritionally equivalent to carrots.....

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