Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year.....

Happy New Year to the blog-o-sphere. Been quite a year so far. I've set some goals for myself, and haven't been able to start on them. I'm stuck in the house with vertigo, but thankfully, after 12 days, it is finally starting to get better. Hopefully, I can start driving again soon.

Setting goals is a time honored tradition in January. And yet, so many people don't follow through with even half of their goals. I am proud to say that of the 3 goals I set for myself last year, I followed through on 2 of them. That's saying a lot, since I'm normally one of those people who by Valentine's Day is blissfully unaware there even were goals set.

I like cycles. I like the idea of starting fresh, trying something new for no other reason than the date changed. It makes it feel more momentous. This year, I have a few projects that I want to complete around the house in order to help with my main goal of "Healthier Life." The projects include organizational and redecorating tasks that will help me to feel more settled and calm in my house, which is also my office.

I also have a few things I'm going to do that I've always wanted to do. One is learn to play the guitar. My husband actually bought me an acoustic guitar for Christmas 2 years ago for this purpose, but I was unable to find doable lessons (time or money) since. And I tried self-teaching, but yeah - failed miserably. So for Christmas this year, my parents bought me a gift card of lessons at a place nearby that has really good hours for lessons! They're even open during the day, which is easier with the kids in school and all. So now I have no more excuses. I'm pretty excited. I am musically talented, I played the organ (no naughty thoughts - the keyboard instrument that you typically hear at hockey games, people!) and competed in state music competitions, and did pretty well if I do say so myself. So I hope that the guitar will be something I can enjoy, and then be able to play for others and then they in turn can enjoy as well. I love camp fires, and I just have always wanted to know how to play a guitar to be able to make music while outside under the stars in front of a beautiful fire. You can't exactly drag a Wulritzer out back, you know?

Another thing I want to try this year is going back to school. I swore up and down for the last 14+ years that I would never, ever, EVER go back to school. I hated college, it was so boring/a waste/pointless/insert other whining here. I, unfortunately, got a stupid degree - in Finance. You can see how very marketable this is in the current US economy, no? One of the careers I had wanted to do, but came upon too late to change and still graduate on time, was becoming a nurse. So this summer (since the class I was going to take this quarter filled in about 10 min during registration) I'm going to take 2 classes to see if I might be inclined to become a nurse. We shall see. If that doesn't pan out, I figure I can always take some writing courses and pursue that other dream of mine. And possibly unearth the old novels....hmm...

My usual goal of getting to a healthier place physically is always in place, but a new year always renews my energy on that front. Unfortunately, the aforementioned couch rest hasn't helped me out there. I suppose by the time I can drive and work out again, I'll be stir crazy enough to work out a couple times a week? One can only hope....

Oh, and as an added bonus - we finally recovered our photos (see previous post) and without spending a third of an average person's salary to do it. I think maybe I should start a business doing THAT for people from home - and charging significantly less than the schmucks who gave us that insane estimate.


Melisa Wells said...

WOW, lots of plans: exciting year ahead, huh?

I'm SOOOO glad you got your photos back. Woo hoo!

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